De Kock, Malan take SA past 50
January 21, 2022  19:03

SA 52-0 (8 ovs) vs India 287-6 | Scorecard

Ashwin does well to bowl a maiden over to Malan, who seems content to bat cautiously and play the supporting role from one end.

South Africa have done well to score 38 from the first six overs of Powerplay, with de Kock taking advantage of the fielding restriction in the Powerplay.

Bumrah continues as de Kock clips the first ball to fine leg for a single and Malan pushes the third ball in the gap through the off-side for two runs, before he is unable to get a run off the last three balls.

A huge moment in the game as Pant misses an easy stumping of the dangerous de Kock. The left-hander comes down the track but is beaten in the flight but Pant fails to collect the ball to miss on an easy opportunity.

De Kock makes it worse for the bowler Ashwin as he slog sweeps the next ball over square leg for a six and flicks a full toss through the leg side for one.

Malan reverse sweeps the fifth ball, beating the man inside the circle at thirdman for a four, to take South Africa past the 50-run mark in the eighth over.
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