Kohli out for duck; India in trouble
January 21, 2022  15:14

India 72-2 (16 ovs) vs SA | Scorecard

Part-time spinner Markram is making a telling difference with the ball for South Africa. 

He sends down another tight over as he bowls five dots in a row to Rahul, who manages just a single off the last ball.

In the next over, Rahul pushes Maharaj through the covers for a single and Pant drives the next to long-on to get off the mark.

Another single to Rahul through the covers before Pant takes two runs behind square on the leg side.

South Africa miss a golden opportunity to pick up another wicket. Pant clips the last ball on the leg side and sets off for a quick run before he decides against it, but Rahul is all the way to the striker's end.

Fortunately for Rahul, the bowler Maharaj fails to collect the throw from Bavuma at midwicket and he manages to get back to the non-striker's end.

In the next over, Rahul drives Markram down to long-on for a single followed by four dot balls to Pant, who takes a single off the last ball.

India are 72/2 in 16 overs, managing just 17 runs from the last seven overs while losing two wickets.

Rahul is happy to bat cautiously to score 28 from 43 balls, while Pant is on four from 10 balls.

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