Malan and Bavuma keep India at bay
January 21, 2022  20:33

SA 173-1 (28 ovs) vs India 287-6 | Scorecard

Venkatesh drags his length back as Malan pulls it powerfully through midwicket for a four.

Malan takes a single to long-on before Bavuma miscues the drive, hitting it uppishly but in the gap between mid-off and covers, to get a single.

Malan drives the last ball along the ground to long-off for a single.

Chahal comes back into the attack in place of Ashwin, who has gone for 48 runs in seven overs.

He gives away three runs from the first five balls before he gets the last ball to turn sharply. It spins sharply from the leg stump line to outside the off-stump as Bavuma is beaten and wicketkeeper Pant also fails to read it, to concede four byes.

Medium pacer Venkatesh continues as Malan and Bavuma easily pick him for six singles in the over.
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