Rahul, Pant take India past 100
January 21, 2022  15:31

India 108-2 (20 ovs) vs SA | Scorecard

Pant breaks the shackles as he swings Maharaj high over midwicket for a six and then takes a single off the next ball.

Rahul glances the last ball fine on the leg side for a four, to get 11 runs from the over.

Markram continues as Pant drives the first ball through the covers for one and Rahul pulls a short ball through the leg side for a four.

Two singles from the last two balls as India look to get a move along after a few tight overs.

The runs are coming too easily for the Indians at the moment. Rahul and Pant take four singles from the first four balls against Maharaj before the latter sweeps the fifth ball fine for a four.

Pant keeps strike with a single from the last ball, as nine come from the over.

In the next over, Pant drives Markram down to long-on for a single to bring up India's 100, in the 20th over.

Makram bowling his seventh in a row. Singles off the first four balls before Pant rocks back and cuts a short ball past point for a four.

He punches the last ball into the covers where the fielder half stops it to keep it down to one.

36 runs from the last four overs as India recover to 108/2 in 20 overs, with Rahul on 41 and Pant on 27.
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