200 comes up for MP vs Mumbai
June 24, 2022  12:02
MP 205-1 (68 Ovs) vs Mumbai 374 (127.4 Ovs) | Scorecard

Dubey is in super form as he drives an overpitched delivery around down the ground. MP are 169-1. 

A maiden over from Shams Mulani. But they need wickets here.   Meanwhile Dubey and Sharma are dealing in singles. MP are 172-1.   

Dubey flicks it down on square leg and gets three runs. In the same over, Sharma takes a quick single, it hits the stumps. Run-out chance, umpire sent it upstairs... and the batter is comfortably in! NOT OUT! MP are 186-1.   

Good over from Kotian to Shubham with a couple of LBW appeals. MP remain on top. The batter also get a boundary off long-on. Also, the partnership between Shubham and Dubey has moved to 151 off 303 balls. MP are 198 after 67 overs.  

Madhya Pradesh still trail by 167 runs but Dubey and Sharma have been solid in the opening session. 200 comes up for MP in 68 overs.
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