Fri, 24 June 2022
Ranji Trophy FINAL: MP 368-3 at stumps on Day 3

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17:07   MP 368-3 at stumps on Day 3 vs Mumbai
MP 368-3 (123 Ovs) vs Mumbai 374 (127.4 Ovs) | Scorecard

Patidar hammers Kotian for four runs. Now just 15 runs separate Mumbai and MP. Shrivastava gets into the groove and drives through the covers for a couple more off Mulani. Kulkarni is back with the ball in the 119th over replacing Kotian.MP are 363-3 in 120 overs. 

Huge appeal for LBW, umpire not interested. Patidar sends it down the ground for four runs! Six come off the over. Deshpande replace Kulkarni, another maiden to end Day 3. 

MP are 368-3 in 123 overs, they trail by just 6 runs now.
16:34   Mulani removes Dubey, MP 3 down
MP 353-3 (116 Ovs) vs Mumbai 374 (127.4 Ovs) | Scorecard

Change in bowling, Mulani replaces Dehspande. Dubey slams Maluni for four runs! Mulani strikes! Dismisses Yash Dubey off the next for 133. Inside edge and Tamore made no mistake in grabbing that. 

MP are 341-3, they are still behind by 33 runs. 

Aditya Shrivastava, MP captain, is the new batter. He is off the mark in style with a boundary. Change in bowling, Kotian replaces Deshpande. Patidar slams him for four runs! After 116 overs MP are 353-3.
16:00   Patidar brings up his 50 vs Mumbai
MP 337-2-2 (107 Ovs) vs Mumbai 374 (127.4 Ovs) | Scorecard

Rajat Patidar continues his scoring spree. The RCB batter is dealing in boundaries and has already added 46 with Dubey. MP are 315-2. 

Patidar reaches his fifty in just 44 balls. MP are 329-2. Wicket! Patidar gone for 52... NO is a no ball as Mulani overstepped! Horror for Mumbai and Patidar gets a life line! MP are 333-2. 

Maiden from Avasthi. The Rajat-Dubey partnership has now moved to 68 off 112 balls. MP are 337-2 in 107 overs.
15:52   MP are 301-2 at tea vs Mumbai
MP 301-2-2 (98 Ovs) vs Mumbai 374 (127.4 Ovs) | Scorecard

Patidar hammers Deshpande for four runs. MP are 284-2. Patidar is unstoppable. He has raced to 23 off just 15 balls to take MP to 295-2. Just two runs off Kotain's over. 

MP are 301-2 at tea
14:38   Avasthi strikes, removes Sharma for 116
MP 285-2 (93 Ovs) vs Mumbai 374 (127.4 Ovs) | Scorecard

Huge shout for caught behind off Desphande's delivery. Keper Tamore thinks he's got it but umpire is unfazed. Dubey survives. MP are 264-1.       
Kulkarni is here, Shubham Sharma pushes it to extra cover for a single. Just one run off that over. Drinks break. Madhya Pradesh are 265-1 and they trail by 109 runs.   

Dubey gets a single off Kulkarni's over.   Huge appeal but umpire is not interested. Every Mumbai player was pleading for a caught behind. Meanwhile MP are 267-1 in 88 overs.   

Mohit Avasthi strikes! Mumbai finally gets the breakthrough! Shubham Sharma walks back after scoring 116 off 215 balls.     

Shubham pushes it but gets a faint edge to the wicketkeeper. Mumbai players are celebrating. Umpire wants to check. But Shubham is walking even before the verdict is out. Finally the wicket that Mumbai were looking for!  

Rajat Patidar is the new batter and he is off the mark with a single. Four runs off that over and MP are 274-2. They now trail by 100 runs. 

Patidar is on fire. He slams a straight boundary. Eight come off that over. MP are cruising on 287-2 in 93 overs.
13:48   Sharma slams ton; MP on top
MP 261-1 (84 Ovs) vs Mumbai 374 (127.4 Ovs) | Scorecard

Post lunch Mumbai will hope for some wickets meanwhile MP batters are going strong.  Awasthi to start proceedings for Mumbai. Just two come off it. Singles coming easy for MP. Sharma hammers a boundary and with that he races to 94 off 176 balls. MP are on 239-1. 

Kulkarni to bowl with new ball, after 80 overs MP are 244-1. 

Shubham gets to his century in 186 balls with a drive through the covers off a Tushar Deshpande delivery. Mumbai are 250-1. 17 runs in the last four overs. The pacers have not been able to exploit the new ball. 

After 84 overs MP are 261-1. They behind by 113 runs now.
12:24   Dubey slams ton; MP 228-1 at lunch
MP 228-1 (75 Ovs) vs Mumbai 374 (127.4 Ovs) | Scorecard

Mumbai spinners are going for runs! Kotian conceded a boundary in the last over and it's Mulani who gives another four in this over. Dubey and Sharma are getting easy runs. MP are 218-1.    

Dubey and Sharma pile on misery. MP cruise to 223-1 after 74 overs.   

Yash Dubey reaches his third hundred of the season. He reached the mark in 234 deliveries. MP are 227-1.   

It's time for lunch! Madhya Pradesh are on top, thanks to a 181-run stand between Dubey and Sharma. Sharma is 12 shy of his hundred.   

Mumbai bowlers are still in search of a wicket as both MP batters have batted the session with total control. 
12:02   200 comes up for MP vs Mumbai
MP 205-1 (68 Ovs) vs Mumbai 374 (127.4 Ovs) | Scorecard

Dubey is in super form as he drives an overpitched delivery around down the ground. MP are 169-1. 

A maiden over from Shams Mulani. But they need wickets here.   Meanwhile Dubey and Sharma are dealing in singles. MP are 172-1.   

Dubey flicks it down on square leg and gets three runs. In the same over, Sharma takes a quick single, it hits the stumps. Run-out chance, umpire sent it upstairs... and the batter is comfortably in! NOT OUT! MP are 186-1.   

Good over from Kotian to Shubham with a couple of LBW appeals. MP remain on top. The batter also get a boundary off long-on. Also, the partnership between Shubham and Dubey has moved to 151 off 303 balls. MP are 198 after 67 overs.  

Madhya Pradesh still trail by 167 runs but Dubey and Sharma have been solid in the opening session. 200 comes up for MP in 68 overs.
11:11   MP in control vs Mumbai
MP 165-1 (56 Ovs) vs Mumbai 374 (127.4 Ovs) | Scorecard

Sharma has placed brilliantly against Deshpande. The Sharma-Dubey partnership is now 102 off 184 deliveries. MP reach 149-1 in 49 overs.     

Maiden from Shams Mulani. Dhawal Kulkarni is brought into the attack. Nothing changes as both batters seem in complete control. After 51 overs MP are 152-1. 

With Mulani and Kulkarni bowling, the MP batters have been kept quiet. Mumbai are in desperate need of a wicket. After 54 overs MP are 158-1.   

Welcome boundary for Dubey as he cuts Kulkarni's delivery and the fielder can't stop it from racing to the fence.   

After 56 overs MP are 165-1. It's time for the first drinks break.   

An excellent morning for Madhya Pradesh batters. Both Dubey and Sharma are unbeaten on 63. They have added 118 off 238 deliveries so far.
10:25   Dubey, Shubham slam fifties
MP 144-1 (46 Ovs) vs Mumbai 374 (127.4 Ovs) | Scorecard

Mohit Avasthi starts off proceedings with the ball for Mumbai. Yash Dubey blocks it. Four deliveries later, Dubey ends the over with a boundary. Four runs off the first over of Day 3. MP are 127-1 after 42 overs.

Tushar Deshpande comes from the other end, Shubham Sharma joins the party and hammers a boundary. MP are 131-1.

Runs coming in the first half hour for MP. 

Dubey brings up his fifty with a couple off Avasthi. He took 139 balls to get there. Shubham Sharma gets to his 50 in the next over, off 74 balls. 

MP are cruising here, 144-1 after 46 overs.
10:03   MP fightback vs Mumbai

Into Day 3 of this final, the match is still on an even footing.

Madhya Pradesh might just feel it has its nose slightly ahead, but all will depend on how Yash Dubey and Shubham Sharma resume this morning.