Billings-Russell 50 partnership comes up
May 14, 2022  21:11
KKR 151-5 (18) vs SRH

Bhuvneshwar Kumar continues with the 17th over.

Russell is slowly gone into 'Russell mode' and dispatches the first ball for FOUR through mid-wicket.

Single off the third delivery by Russell is followed by Billings hitting the ball for two.

Yet another single off the fifth delivery by Billings is followed by a majestic FOUR by Russell - a full-toss that was smashed through mid-wicket.

At the end of 17 overs, it is 142-5

Natarajan with the 18th over off the innings.

Two singles come off the first two balls before Billings smashes a SIX off the third delivery - smashed right back over mid-wicket.

A single and a dot to end the over as KKR has progressed to 151-5 after 18 overs.
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