KKR beat SRH by 54 Runs
May 14, 2022  23:20
SRH 123-8 (20) vs KKR 177-6 (20)
KKR wins by 54 Runs

19th over of the innings to be bowled by Southee.

Starts off by scalping the wicket of Shashank Singh

WICKET! Short length delivery and the ball is hit hard and up into the sky and Iyer makes a cool catch under pressure! Caught OUT!

Shashank is gone for 11 of 12 balls.

Two singles come off the next two balls before Umran swings at Southee's delivery outside off - and gets two runs for it.

At the end of the 19th over, it is 117-8.

Final over and Russell to finish off the game. Bhuvi on strike

Starts off by hitting a FOUR off the first ball.

Russell rallies with three dot balls on the bounce as Bhuvi swings but fails to make contact with the ball. Finally, a single comes off the penultimate ball of the over but it is all too little too late as Russell finishes off with a dot.

At the end of 20 overs, SRH finish with 123-8. Its their fifth loss in a row as KKR win by 54 runs.

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