KKR lose 6th wicket, Rinku gone
May 14, 2022  20:34
KKR 94-5 (11.3) vs SRH

Sundar continues.

Starts off with two singles off the first two balls. The third is a fuller one and hit way by Shreyas Iyer for two.

Two more singles to finish the over as 6 runs come off it. KKR is 78-3 after 9 overs.

Umran continues with the 10th over.

Starts off with a dot before Billings squeezes in a single off the next ball.

Iyer hammers a FOUR off the fourth ball - hit straight down the ground with excellent timing.

WICKET! Umran strikes again as Shreyas Iyer picks the final delivery of the over but his timing is way off and only manages to find Tripathi in the outfield who runs in to make the catch.

Shreyas departs for 15 off 9 balls.

After 10 overs, KKR is 83-4
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