KKR lose first wicket as Iyer departs
May 14, 2022  19:43
KKR 17-1 (2) vs SRH

Ventakesh Iyer and Ajinkya Rahane are the two openers for KKR. Bhuvneshwar to bowl the first over of the match.

The first ball is angled on the pads which is clipped away for a single by Iyer before Bhuvi delivers two dot balls.

Genuine LBW appeal comes up as Rahane is hit on the pads although Umpire is not too impressed. Bye comes off the delivery.

The next one is pitched up and Iyer times his cover drive to perfection as we have our first FOUR of the match.

A wide and a single to close out the over.

After 1 over, KKR is 9-0.

On to the second over and Marco Jansen is the new bowler.

Starts off with a dot before Iyer squeezes a single off the next delivery.

The third delivery is pitched short and swung away for SIX by Rahane. That was hit with some power as it sailed over long leg.

A dot and a single off the next two balls before Jansen strikes!

WICKET! Iyer goes for the cut on the offside and completely misses the ball as it castles his stumps. Clean Bowled!

Iyer is gone for 7 off 6 balls.

At then end of 2 overs, KKR are 17-1
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