KKR's Rana goes on the offensive
May 14, 2022  20:03
KKR 55-1 (6) vs SRH

T Natarajan to bowl the 5th over. Rana on strike.

Starts off by smashing a four off the very first ball, not a very good welcome, that! Full delivery was given the hard treatment by Rana.

The next ball is in the slot and lifted for SIX!! A huge hit that clears the ropes easily. That was hit with some power!

A dot off the next delivery is followed by yet another SIX by Rana, this time a short ball that is picked over fine-leg.

Two singles to close out the over. After 5, KKR is 38-1.

On to the 6th and Jansen continues.

The first ball is hammered for SIX right down the ground over long-on. KKR are going for the shots now!

The second delivery is pitching towards the leg-diode and Rahane flicks it away for two.

A single off the next ball before Rana smashes yet another SIX. Short ball and Rana was quick to direct it over third man for maximum runs

Two singles to finish the over as 17 runs come off it.

After 6 overs, KKR is 55-1

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