Sat, 14 May 2022
IPL Updates: KKR beat SRH by 54 Runs

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23:20   KKR beat SRH by 54 Runs
SRH 123-8 (20) vs KKR 177-6 (20)
KKR wins by 54 Runs

19th over of the innings to be bowled by Southee.

Starts off by scalping the wicket of Shashank Singh

WICKET! Short length delivery and the ball is hit hard and up into the sky and Iyer makes a cool catch under pressure! Caught OUT!

Shashank is gone for 11 of 12 balls.

Two singles come off the next two balls before Umran swings at Southee's delivery outside off - and gets two runs for it.

At the end of the 19th over, it is 117-8.

Final over and Russell to finish off the game. Bhuvi on strike

Starts off by hitting a FOUR off the first ball.

Russell rallies with three dot balls on the bounce as Bhuvi swings but fails to make contact with the ball. Finally, a single comes off the penultimate ball of the over but it is all too little too late as Russell finishes off with a dot.

At the end of 20 overs, SRH finish with 123-8. Its their fifth loss in a row as KKR win by 54 runs.

23:09   Sundar gone, SRH on brink of defeat
SRH 113-7 (18) vs KKR 177-6 (20)

16th over to be bowled by Chakravarthy.

SRH are pretty much in tatters right now and Chakravarthy keeps it tight with a superb over that concedes only a single run.

78 runs required by SRH off 30 balls.

Tim Southee returns for the 17th over.

Starts off with a fuller delivery that is miscued by Shashank Singh for two runs.

Two singles come off the next two balls before there is a genuine LBW shout off the next ball. Umpire gives OUT although DRS proves otherwise.

Two more singles to close off the over.

At the end of 17 overs, SRH are 107-5.

On to the 18th over and Russell continues.

WICKET! Washington Sundar goes for the big one but there isn't enough flight on the ball as it falls into the hands of Venkatesh Iyer at Deep Backward Square-leg.

Sundar is gone for 4 off 9 balls.

WICKET! Billings departs, caught behind off Russell's bowling, who is having an excellent game tonight.

Jansen is gone for 1 off 2 balls

71 needed of 18 balls
22:53   100 comes up for SRH
SRH 100-5 (15) vs KKR 177-6 (20)

Chakravarthy continues with the 14th over.

Markram hammers two back-to-back SIXES as the required rate mounts up. Both shots were lifted over long-on.

A single off the last ball means that 13 come off the over.

On to the 15th and Umesh Yadav continues.

Markram smashes a six into his favourite long-on area right off the first ball of the over. Two singles later, Yadav has his big breakthrough

WICKET! Markram drags a wide ball back on to his own stumps and is one of the more disappointing dismissals of the game.

Markram is gone for 32 off 25 balls.

A single off the penultimate ball of the over.

At the end of 15 overs, it is 100-5
22:41   Sharma and Pooran depart in quick succession
SRH 78-4 (13) vs KKR 177-6 (20)

Russell continues with the 9th over of the match.

The first delivery is pitched up, Markram hits it into the covers for a two before taking a single off the next ball

Sharma smashes a FOUR off the fourth ball. Short ball, pulled away through the on-side.

Two singles off the final two balls as 9 come off the over.

At the end of 10 overs, it is 66-2.

Narine continues with the 11th over of the innings.

Starts off with three dots off the first three balls before the batters squeeze in three singles off the next three.

At the end of 11 overs, it is 69-2.

Chakravarthy continues at the other end.

Starts off with two singles off the first two balls before Markram flicks the third ball for a single.

WICKET! Sharma goes after a wildly irresponsible hit as the ball flies off the top edge and into the gloves of the keeper Billings.

Sharma is gone for 43 off 28 balls.
22:24   SRH go two down as Tripathi departs
SRH 54-2 (8.2) vs KKR 177-6 (20)

7th over to be bowled by Varun Chakravarthy.

Sharma flicks one away for a single before Tripathi hits a four off the third ball.

Another singles off the penultimate ball means that 6 runs come off the over.

At the end of 7 overs it is 37-1.

Narine returns for the 8th over.

Sharma goes on the offensive and hits two back-to-back sixes off the third and fourth delivery of the over. Both smashed over long-on with some power.

Two more singles come off the over. 17 runs off it in all.

At the end of 8 overs, SRH is 54-1

WICKET! Tripathi is gone. Caught and Bowled by Southee. Hit right back with tremendous pace but Southee reacted quickly and got both palms behind the ball to make the catch.

Tripathi is gone for 9 off 12 balls.
22:13   Willamson gone, SRH lose 1st wicket
SRH 31-1 (6) vs KKR 177-6 (20)

Yadav continues with the 5th over.

Starts off with a short ball outside off. No run.

Two singles come off the next two balls before Yadav rallies back with two dots.

On to the 6th over and Russell, who had an excellent outing with the bat, delivers instantly with the ball

WICKET! Williamson is gone trying to attempt an unorthodox shot and Russell cleans up the stumps. OUT! Clean Bowled.

Williamson is gone for 9 off 17 balls.

Only one run - a wide- comes off the over as Russell makes a spectacular entry into the game.

At the end of 6 overs, SRH is 31-1

22:02   Willamson, Sharma keep it steady
SRH 27-0 (4) vs KKR 177-6 (20)

Umesh Yadav continues with the third over.

Starts off with a dot ball before the batters squeeze in two singles off the next two.

Williamson hammers a four off the penultimate delivery of the over - a full length delivery that is hit through mid-wicket for a boundary.

At the end of 3 overs, SRH is 17-0.

Sunil Narine comes in to bowl the 4hth over.

Abhishek Sharma welcomes him by hitting a four off the very first ball.

Two singles come off the next two balls before Sharma hits a full-pitched delivery towards extra-cover for a quick two.

Two runs come off the final ball as Sharma once again lots the ball towards long-on.

At the end of 4 overs, SRH is 27-0

21:52   SRH get off to a slow start
SRH 11-0 (2) vs KKR 177-6 (20)

Onward to the second half of the match. Abhishek Sharma and Kane Williamson will open the batting. Umesh Yadav will open the bowling for KKR.

Yadav starts off with two dots before Sharma gets off the mark with a single to third man.

Yadav bowls an excellent over as only a single run comes off it.

Tim Southee continues at the other end. Sharma on strike.

The first delivery is pitched up and Sharma gets on the back-foot to punch the ball through the covers.

Two singles later, Sharma us at it again with a FOUR off a short-ball, expertly sliced on the off-side.

At the end of 2 overs, SRH are 11-0

21:38   SRH need 178 to win against KKR
KKR 177-6 (20) vs SRH

Bhuvi to bowl the penultimate over of the innings. Billings on strike

Starts off with a single - bye, off the first ball.

The second delivery is pitched wide and diverted for two by Russell

WICKET! Billings is gone in the most softest way possible - misjudges the slower ball and hits the ball to Williamson inside the circle who makes the catch.

Williamson is gone for 34 off 29 balls.

Sundar to bowl the final over of the innings.

Starts off by conceding two singles before Russell hammers two massive sixes off the next three balls. Attempted yorkers that someone of Russell's calibre does not leave unpunished.

The final ball is yet another full-toss and Russell finishes off in style - SIX smashed to mid-wicket!

Russell finishes at 49 off 28 balls. KKR finish at 177/6

Sunrisers need 178 to win.

21:11   Billings-Russell 50 partnership comes up
KKR 151-5 (18) vs SRH

Bhuvneshwar Kumar continues with the 17th over.

Russell is slowly gone into 'Russell mode' and dispatches the first ball for FOUR through mid-wicket.

Single off the third delivery by Russell is followed by Billings hitting the ball for two.

Yet another single off the fifth delivery by Billings is followed by a majestic FOUR by Russell - a full-toss that was smashed through mid-wicket.

At the end of 17 overs, it is 142-5

Natarajan with the 18th over off the innings.

Two singles come off the first two balls before Billings smashes a SIX off the third delivery - smashed right back over mid-wicket.

A single and a dot to end the over as KKR has progressed to 151-5 after 18 overs.
21:00   Billings-Russell partnership takes shape
KKR 129-5 (16) vs SRH

Natarajan to deliver the 15th over.

Both Russell and Billings are set on the crease now and do not mind taking the ones at the moment as four singles come off the first five deliveries.

The final ball is a full-toss and Russell is quick to pounce on it - smashed for SIX over mid-wicket!.

On to the 16th over and Umran Malik continues.

Billings greets him spectacularly with two back-to-back fours off the second and third ball. Both were hit with tremendous power and technique as they raced towards the boundary.

Two singles to finish the over. At the end of 16 overs, KKR is 129-5
20:48   KKR struggle, SRH pile on the pressure
KKR 109-5 (14) vs SRH

Jansen returns for the 13th over.

Single off the first ball before Russell is faced with a barrage of good length deliveries which result in three back-to-back dots.

A single off the fifth delivery is followed by Billings hitting a back-foot drive for two off the final ball.

After 13 overs, KKR finally have 100 runs on the board. 100-5.

Umran continues at the other end.

Starts off with getting smashed for four by Russell off the very first delivery of the over.

Three singles come off the next three deliveries as both Billings and Russell to get a stable partnership going.

At the end of 14 overs, KKR is 109-5

20:42   KKR reeling after losing 5 wickets
KKR 96-5 (12) vs SRH

Sundar continues with the 11th over.

Billings uses his feet well to reverse-sweep the ball for FOUR off the second ball.

Two more singles off the over. 6 off it.

On to the 12th over and Natarajan continues.

WICKET! Rinku Singh is the latest to part as he is caught LBW in front of the stumps. There is a slight drama as the review timer runs out and Rinku is hesitant to leave - although the Umpire gives him the marching orders anyway. OUT!

Two singles come off the final two balls. At the end of 12 overs, KKR is reeling at 96-5
20:34   KKR lose 6th wicket, Rinku gone
KKR 94-5 (11.3) vs SRH

Sundar continues.

Starts off with two singles off the first two balls. The third is a fuller one and hit way by Shreyas Iyer for two.

Two more singles to finish the over as 6 runs come off it. KKR is 78-3 after 9 overs.

Umran continues with the 10th over.

Starts off with a dot before Billings squeezes in a single off the next ball.

Iyer hammers a FOUR off the fourth ball - hit straight down the ground with excellent timing.

WICKET! Umran strikes again as Shreyas Iyer picks the final delivery of the over but his timing is way off and only manages to find Tripathi in the outfield who runs in to make the catch.

Shreyas departs for 15 off 9 balls.

After 10 overs, KKR is 83-4
20:17   SRH's Malik strikes twice in one over
KKR 72-3 (8) vs SRH

Spinner Washington Sunder comes in to deliver the 7th over.

Rahane has injured himself and seems to be struggling out there. Physio is bright in to do a quick check-up and Rahane will continue.

Sundar starts off with two good length deliveries which result in dots.

Two singles come off the next two balls before Rahane hits a massive SIX off the fifth delivery - in the slot and dispatched over long-on!

A dot to end the over. At the end of 7 overs, KKR is 63-1.

Fast bowler Umran Malik is introduced at the other end.

Starts off with two singles off the first two balls before making the all-important break-through!

WICKET! Umran pitches it in short, Rana looks to pull it on the offside and only manages to hole out to Shashank Singh in the outfield. Caught Out!

Rana is gone for 26 off 16 balls.

Iyer seems undeterred as he hits a FOUR off the very next ball before Iyer hits it into the outfield and the batters run THREE runs - remarkable work by the injured Rahane.

WICKET! And just like that, Rahane is gone. Once again it is Shashank Singh who makes a spectacular catch on the boundary line.

That's two wickets in one over. Rahane is gone for 28 off 24 balls
20:03   KKR's Rana goes on the offensive
KKR 55-1 (6) vs SRH

T Natarajan to bowl the 5th over. Rana on strike.

Starts off by smashing a four off the very first ball, not a very good welcome, that! Full delivery was given the hard treatment by Rana.

The next ball is in the slot and lifted for SIX!! A huge hit that clears the ropes easily. That was hit with some power!

A dot off the next delivery is followed by yet another SIX by Rana, this time a short ball that is picked over fine-leg.

Two singles to close out the over. After 5, KKR is 38-1.

On to the 6th and Jansen continues.

The first ball is hammered for SIX right down the ground over long-on. KKR are going for the shots now!

The second delivery is pitching towards the leg-diode and Rahane flicks it away for two.

A single off the next ball before Rana smashes yet another SIX. Short ball and Rana was quick to direct it over third man for maximum runs

Two singles to finish the over as 17 runs come off it.

After 6 overs, KKR is 55-1

19:53   SRH bowlers keep it tight
KKR 20-1 (4) vs SRH

Bhuvneshwar continues with the third over of the innings.

Starts off bowling a very tight, aggressive line which results in three consecutive dot balls.

The fourth is in a good length area and Rahane nudges it away for as single.

Bhuvi is in fine form tonight and responds with two more dots, ending a tidy over with just a single coming off it.

At then end of 3 overs, KKR are 18-1

Marco continues at the other end. Rahane on strike.

Rahane flicks the first ball away for a single to mid-on.

The Hyderabad bowlers are really keeping it tight here as Jansen bowls three consecutive dots.

The fifth delivery is turning inwards and hits Rana on the pads and the batters squeeze in a single. Bye signalled by the umpire.

Dot ball to end the over as yet another economical over comes to an end. KKR is 20-1 after 4 overs
19:43   KKR lose first wicket as Iyer departs
KKR 17-1 (2) vs SRH

Ventakesh Iyer and Ajinkya Rahane are the two openers for KKR. Bhuvneshwar to bowl the first over of the match.

The first ball is angled on the pads which is clipped away for a single by Iyer before Bhuvi delivers two dot balls.

Genuine LBW appeal comes up as Rahane is hit on the pads although Umpire is not too impressed. Bye comes off the delivery.

The next one is pitched up and Iyer times his cover drive to perfection as we have our first FOUR of the match.

A wide and a single to close out the over.

After 1 over, KKR is 9-0.

On to the second over and Marco Jansen is the new bowler.

Starts off with a dot before Iyer squeezes a single off the next delivery.

The third delivery is pitched short and swung away for SIX by Rahane. That was hit with some power as it sailed over long leg.

A dot and a single off the next two balls before Jansen strikes!

WICKET! Iyer goes for the cut on the offside and completely misses the ball as it castles his stumps. Clean Bowled!

Iyer is gone for 7 off 6 balls.

At then end of 2 overs, KKR are 17-1
19:11   KKR win toss, opt to bat
Kolkata Knight Riders have won the toss against Sunrisers Hyderabad and have opted to bat tonight.
19:09   SRH vs KKR: Team Lineups
Sunrisers Hyderabad (Playing XI):

Abhishek Sharma, Kane Williamson(c), Rahul Tripathi, Aiden Markram, Nicholas Pooran(w), Shashank Singh, Washington Sundar, Marco Jansen, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, T Natarajan, Umran Malik

Kolkata Knight Riders (Playing XI):

Venkatesh Iyer, Ajinkya Rahane, Nitish Rana, Shreyas Iyer(c), Sam Billings(w), Rinku Singh, Andre Russell, Sunil Narine, Umesh Yadav, Tim Southee, Varun Chakaravarthy
19:04   Battle for Survival
Shreyas Iyer's men have just two more matches to go and wins in both will only take them to 14 points, which might not be enough with Rajasthan Royals and Royal Challengers Bangalore already sitting pretty in the top four with 14 points from 12 games.

One of the main reasons behind SRH's awful run in the last few games is injuries to frontline bowlers -- Washington Sundar and T Natarajan -- and the sudden loss of form of speedster Umran Malik.
19:02   Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Kolkata Knight Riders
Struggling after four straight losses, Sunrisers Hyderabad will need to sort their bowling woes when they take on an inconsistent Kolkata Knight Riders as both the teams look to stay afloat in the IPL play-off race, in Pune, on Saturday.

A series of losses after a five-match winning streak has dropped SRH to the sixth spot with 10 points and they would need to win all the remaining three games to salvage any hopes of making it to the play-offs.