SRH bowlers keep it tight
May 14, 2022  19:53
KKR 20-1 (4) vs SRH

Bhuvneshwar continues with the third over of the innings.

Starts off bowling a very tight, aggressive line which results in three consecutive dot balls.

The fourth is in a good length area and Rahane nudges it away for as single.

Bhuvi is in fine form tonight and responds with two more dots, ending a tidy over with just a single coming off it.

At then end of 3 overs, KKR are 18-1

Marco continues at the other end. Rahane on strike.

Rahane flicks the first ball away for a single to mid-on.

The Hyderabad bowlers are really keeping it tight here as Jansen bowls three consecutive dots.

The fifth delivery is turning inwards and hits Rana on the pads and the batters squeeze in a single. Bye signalled by the umpire.

Dot ball to end the over as yet another economical over comes to an end. KKR is 20-1 after 4 overs
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