SRH get off to a slow start
May 14, 2022  21:52
SRH 11-0 (2) vs KKR 177-6 (20)

Onward to the second half of the match. Abhishek Sharma and Kane Williamson will open the batting. Umesh Yadav will open the bowling for KKR.

Yadav starts off with two dots before Sharma gets off the mark with a single to third man.

Yadav bowls an excellent over as only a single run comes off it.

Tim Southee continues at the other end. Sharma on strike.

The first delivery is pitched up and Sharma gets on the back-foot to punch the ball through the covers.

Two singles later, Sharma us at it again with a FOUR off a short-ball, expertly sliced on the off-side.

At the end of 2 overs, SRH are 11-0

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