SRH's Malik strikes twice in one over
May 14, 2022  20:17
KKR 72-3 (8) vs SRH

Spinner Washington Sunder comes in to deliver the 7th over.

Rahane has injured himself and seems to be struggling out there. Physio is bright in to do a quick check-up and Rahane will continue.

Sundar starts off with two good length deliveries which result in dots.

Two singles come off the next two balls before Rahane hits a massive SIX off the fifth delivery - in the slot and dispatched over long-on!

A dot to end the over. At the end of 7 overs, KKR is 63-1.

Fast bowler Umran Malik is introduced at the other end.

Starts off with two singles off the first two balls before making the all-important break-through!

WICKET! Umran pitches it in short, Rana looks to pull it on the offside and only manages to hole out to Shashank Singh in the outfield. Caught Out!

Rana is gone for 26 off 16 balls.

Iyer seems undeterred as he hits a FOUR off the very next ball before Iyer hits it into the outfield and the batters run THREE runs - remarkable work by the injured Rahane.

WICKET! And just like that, Rahane is gone. Once again it is Shashank Singh who makes a spectacular catch on the boundary line.

That's two wickets in one over. Rahane is gone for 28 off 24 balls
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