Willamson, Sharma keep it steady
May 14, 2022  22:02
SRH 27-0 (4) vs KKR 177-6 (20)

Umesh Yadav continues with the third over.

Starts off with a dot ball before the batters squeeze in two singles off the next two.

Williamson hammers a four off the penultimate delivery of the over - a full length delivery that is hit through mid-wicket for a boundary.

At the end of 3 overs, SRH is 17-0.

Sunil Narine comes in to bowl the 4hth over.

Abhishek Sharma welcomes him by hitting a four off the very first ball.

Two singles come off the next two balls before Sharma hits a full-pitched delivery towards extra-cover for a quick two.

Two runs come off the final ball as Sharma once again lots the ball towards long-on.

At the end of 4 overs, SRH is 27-0

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