Hazlewood strikes, LSG 2 down in powerplay
May 25, 2022  22:41
LSG 41-2 (4.3 Ovs) vs RCB 207-4 (20 Ovs) 

Shahbaz Khan into the attack now, DK misses regular stumping. Ball races to the rope for four runs. Hammers a huge six. Falls short of Faf, not a catch, Vohra will get a single. Rahul punches to midwicket, won't get any runs. Two more dots to end the over. After 4 overs LSG are 31-1. 

Hazlewood continues, Vohra slams a boundary. Goes and distance for six! Hazlewood has the last laugh, Shahbaz takes a good catch at midwicket to dismiss Vohra for 19 off 11.
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