Patidar hammers Bishnoi for 27 runs
May 25, 2022  21:36
RCB 150-4 (16 Ovs) vs LSG

DK walks in, he is beaten. Huge appeal for LBW, Umpire not interested. LSG review. It is hitting leg but umpires call and DK stays. Tries to sweep, won't get any runs. Two more singles to end the over. After 14 overs RCB are 117-4. Excellent over for LSG as just 2 runs and a wicket came off it. 

 Mohsin Khan is brought into the attack, he puches to long on for a single. DK cuts to leg side for a single. DROPPED at mid on by skipper KL Rahul. Another lifeline to DK. He will get a couple. Single to end the over. After 15 overs RCB are 123-4. 

Bishnoi is back, DK will get a single. Patidar on fire, hammers a huge six. DROPPED by Hooda. That should have been taken. Four runs for Patidar. Spectacular shot, six more for Patidar. Another boundary. Six more to end the over. 27 came off it. 

After 16 overs RCB are 150-4. Patidar moves to 92 off just 44 balls.
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