New Zealand off to a quick start!
November 25, 2022  11:29

NZ 18-0 (3 ovs) vs India 306-7 | Scorecard

Finn Allen and Devon Conway are the two openers for New Zealand, who will be looking for a quickfire start in the Powerplay.

Debutant Arshdeep Singh opens the bowling for India. The first ball is wide of the stumps as Allen offers no shot and does the same next ball.

Allen square drives the third ball past point for three runs to get off the mark before left-hander Devon Conway pokes and is beaten, before he plays and misses again two balls later, to end a good first over from Arshdeep.

Shardul Thakur gets the new ball ahead of Umran Malik. Allen taps the first ball on the leg side before he smashes the next past point for a four.

Thakur goes full but close to the stumps forcing Allen to defend the remaining four balls of the over.

Arshdeep continues as Allen has a close shave first ball. Conway taps the first ball on the leg side and calls for risky single as Suryakumar swoops in quickly but misses the direct hit with Allen struggling to make his crease.

Arshdeep bowls a full toss which Allen drives straight back past the bowler for a four while the bowler has overstepped to concede a no-ball.

Allen can't make most of the free hit delivery as he walks across and tries to scoop but can't make good connection and gets just a single.

Conway flicks the last ball over midwicket for another four as Arshdeep goes for 11 in his second over.
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