NZ's batters struggle; India on top
November 25, 2022  12:10

NZ 55-1 (13 ovs) vs India 306-7 | Scorecard

India finally unleash fast bowler Umran Malik, who comes in to bowl the 11th over.

Williamson, who has played quite a few times in the nets for Sunrisers Hyderabad in the IPL, blocks the first ball (146kmph) on the leg side and pushes the next on the off-side.

He steers a wide full delivery to thirdman for a single and Conway drives the next through the covers for another run.

Umran generally ramping up his pace as the fourth delivery is clocked at 147kmph.

A superb delivery from Umran as Williamson looks to clip it through the leg side but the ball does a little bit, to take the outside edge to thirdman for one.

The last ball is nudged towards square leg as Conway picks another easy run with Umran clocking 149kmph.

Change of ends for Sundar, who takes over from Thakur, who bowled a fantastic first spell of 1/14 in five overs.

Conway lap sweeps the second ball fine on the leg side for one and Williamson slaps the next past point for one.

Another single to Conway before Williamson mishits the fifth ball but it goes over the fielder at midwicket for another run.

The last ball is flighted right up as Conway watchfully keeps it out.

Umran continues as Williamson clips the first ball to fine leg for one as the J&K pacer clocks 150kmph.

The next ball is again 150kmph as Conway leaves before he collects a quick single on the off-side.

Williamson drives a full delivery through the covers for three runs.
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