Samson out for 36; India lose 5th wkt
November 25, 2022  10:33

India 281-5 (48 ovs) vs NZ | Scorecard

Southee, who has two overs in hand, comes back for a new spell. Two singles from the first three balls before Sundar lofts the pacer with a clean strike over long-on for a six.

A well-disguised slower ball as Sundar slices it over the off-side for a single.

Stand and deliver as Iyer swings Southee over midwicket to end the over with a four.

Milne to bowl the 48th over. The first ball is short and slanted across as Sundar waits on the backfoot and ramps it over the wicketkeeper for a six.

He clips the next ball for a single and Iyer misses the heave and is struck on the pads to get a single.

Sundar takes one on the leg side before Iyer makes a lot of room and leaves the full delivery expecting a wide but the ball has gone between his legs.

Iyer clips the last ball behind square on the leg side for a four, to get 13 from the over.

Despite looking ugly at times, Iyer has been instrumental in keeping the runs flowing, stroking his way to 77 from 73 balls.
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