Thakur strikes; NZ lose 1st wicket
November 25, 2022  11:57

NZ 42-1 (10 ovs) vs India 306-7 | Scorecard

Sundar continues as Conway picks a single off the first ball and Williamson defends the next four balls before taking one off the last ball.

New Zealand were 33/0 in five overs but have since lost their way, scoring just four runs from the next overs, while losing their opener Allen.

Thakur keeps plugging in the Test match channel, getting the ball to swing away from just on and around the off-stump, as the Kiwis continue to struggle.

Conway breaks the shackles as he comes down the track and carves the pacer over the off-side for a four.

He comes down and has another big swing but is beaten.

New Zealand are 42/1 in 10 overs, scoring just nine runs from the last five overs.
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