Gill is unstoppable!
May 26, 2023  21:01
GT 119-1 (12 Ovs) vs MI | Scorecard

Green is back into the attack, Gill powers it to midwicket for a single. Sai hammers a boundary. Green drops a difficult catch off the return, Gill survives again at 59 this time. Dot to end the over. 7 came off it. After 11 overs GT are 98-1. 

Madhwal is also back into the attack, Gill welcomes him with a glorious six! Gill on fire! Shot ball and Gill is not intimidated by it and hammers it for another six! Backs it with a six. Sai flicks it to deep midwicket for a single. Gill hammers another six! Single to end the over. 21 came off it. After 12 overs GT are 119-1.
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