Gill, Sai resurrect GT Innings
May 26, 2023  20:44
GT 80-1 (9 Ovs) vs MI | Scorecard

Change in bowling, Kartikeya is here. Sai and Gill deal in singles. Gill comes down the pitch and is beaten. Kishan is little slower in removing the bails. Gill living dangerously another drop catch. Two more singles to end the over. 5 came off it. After 8 overs GT are 64-1. 

Chawla continues, Sai slams it for a boundary. Backs it with a single. Gill hammers it for six! Good running, will get a couple. With that Gill is on 45 off 28. Gill is on fire! Two more added to his total. Slams it hard but will get just a single. Gill batting on 48 off 30. After 9 overs GT are 80-1.
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