Green, SKY steady MI innings
May 26, 2023  22:59
MI 85-3 (8 Ovs) vs GT 233-3 | Scorecard

After strategic time-out, Green is back on the field. Noor Ahmad is the new bowler, SKY cuts it for a single. Green will get a quick couple. Will get a single from the same area. Green is beaten off the last. Two dots to end the over. 5 came off it. 

After 7 overs MI are 77-3. They need 157 from 78 balls. 

Rashid continues, SKY welcome shim with a boundary. Jabs it to backward square for a single. Slip for Green, defends. Flicks it for a single. SKY taps it down for none. Comes down the track but no timing, will just get a single. 7 came off it. 

After 8 overs MI are 84-3. They need 150 from 72 balls.
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