GT off to a cautious start
May 26, 2023  20:20

GT 27-0 (4 Ovs) vs MI | Scorecard

Behrendorff continues, Gill defends it. Jabs it over extra cover for a single. Saha now finds the gap and hammers a boundary. Backs it with a single. Gill and Saha deal in singles to end the over. 7 came off it. After 3 overs GT are 20-0. 

Madhwal comes in now, excellent efforts from Kartikeya. Gill will get just two. Misses it completely. Defends it towards cover. Flicks it for a single. Nasty bouncer, hits on Saha's helmet. Physio comes in to check on Saha. Saha ends the over on a high with a boundary. 7 came off it. After 4 overs, GT are 27-0.
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