SKY brings up his half century
May 26, 2023  23:36
MI 149-4 (14 Ovs) vs GT 233-3 | Scorecard

Noor Ahmad is here, SKY slams it for a boundary. Backs it with a single. Vishnu is beaten.  Will get a single off the next. Appeal for stumping, umpires go upstairs. SKY is safe. Misses the last off the over. 6 came off it. After 13 overs MI are 134-4. They need 110 from 42 balls. 

After the time-out, Little is here, starts with a wide. Vishnu skies it, Shami drops it! It was a sitter! Vishnu will get a single. SKY hammers a glorious boundary! SKY makes room for a couple. SKY scoops it for six! With that he brings up his fifty off 33 balls. Single to end the over. 15 came off it. Good over for MI, they need many such big overs. After 14 overs MI are 149-4.
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