200 up for KKR
April 03, 2024  20:59

KKR 205-3 (16 ovs)  vs DC | Scorecard

Khaleel back in the attack and he starts with a wide on the off side.

A dot later, Russell brings up the 200 with a powerful swing mistimed over extra cover for a six!

Khaleel comes around the wicket and bowls another wide.

He then bowls a slow full toss and Russell plays and misses.

Russell then slaps the ball to cover for a single. Shreyas then takes a single to long on.

Change of bats for Russell. A short bouncer that Russell ducks under to end the over as 10 come off it.

Rasikh is back in the attack and KKR continue to find the runs, this time Russell is muscling the ball both sides of the wicket and he hits a six and a four as 14 come off it. 
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