KKR continue assault
April 03, 2024  21:16

KKR 239-4 (18 ovs)  vs DC | Scorecard

Rinku is the new man in and Khaleel starts with a wide.

Rinku then slices the high ball for a single to single towards point. They take a single and no ball called for height. 

Free hit next and Russell gets a couple thanks to a misfield at deep extra cover. 

Another short bouncer, and that is a dot ball. Russell then cuts the next ball towards third man for a single.

Rinku then slaps the ball to cover and runs for a single as 14 come off it.

Khaleel continues and he starts with a wide ball off the off stump. Russell swings and misses, he takes a single. The  partnership is now 50 off 26 balls.

Shreyas then slices the ball for a flat six towards deep backward point.

Iyer then miscues the pull and is caught out for 18 off 11.

Marsh is back in the attack and Shreyas starts the over with a single.

Russell then cuts the ball and the top edge flies to third man for a four.

Russell then mistimes the pulls but the muscle on the ball takes it over mid-wicket for a six!

A single later, Shreyas pulls the next ball over mid-wicket for another six and a dot to end the over as 19 come off it.
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