KKR get 50 in no time
April 03, 2024  19:53

KKR 58-0 (4 ovs)  vs DC | Scorecard

Ishant continues and Ishant starts with a wide ball and Narine launches it over mid-off for a six!

Back to back sixes as the short ball is swivel pulls the ball hard over square leg for a six!

A misfired yorker and Narine plays it behind point for a four!

A dot later, Narine slams the full ball over long-off for another six!

Narine then slices the ball past backward point for a four as 26 come off it.


Khaleel continues and Narine gets a top edge that goes over mid-on for a couple as Stubbs puts in dive and saves two.

Narine then slices the next ball through square on the off side for a four.

Narine then gets a single before Salt creams the next ball through covers for a four!

Salt then plays across the line and misses.

Salt ends the over with another four as he plays the ball through extra cover and 15 come off it.
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