Narine struggles to connect
April 03, 2024  19:42

KKR 17-0 (2 ovs)  vs DC | Scorecard

Ishant opens at the other end, the ball comes back in and Salt gets the inside edge, the ball falls down and he scampers for a single.

Ishant comes around the wicket to Narine, gets some swing and the batter plays and misses again.

And another swing and a miss and Narine is struggling to connect here.

Full ball next and Narine digs the ball down to deep point for a single.

Salt then slaps the next ball over extra cover for a four! First boundary of the night.

Salt then cuts the ball down past backward point for another four as 10 come off it.

Phil Salt and Sunil Narine open the batting for KKR while Khaleel Ahmed opens the attack for DC. 

And Khaleel starts with one that shapes in to right hander and that is a four as Salt gets a thick outside edge and the ball flies off he keeper's glove for a four. The umpire calls it byes.

A wide ball later, Salt plays two dots.

Another wide ball, Salt has a go at it and misses but gets a single as Pant goes full stretch but can't stop the single.

Khaleel then bowls a dot before he gets another to swing outside off and Narine plays and misses. 

Narine then pulls the next one to mid-on for a dot. 7 come off the first over. 

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