Pant out after making 50
April 03, 2024  23:06

DC 148-6 (14 ovs) vs KKR 272-7 | Scorecard

Narine back in the attack, the batters smack him for three sixes as 19 come off the over.

Sumit Kumar is the new man in and Chakravarthy bowls a wide.

The bowler then hits the batter on the pads and KKR take the review and lose it as review shows missing leg.

Sumit then gets off the mark with a single. 

A single to Stubbs to end the over as 2 wickets and 4 runs come off it.

Axar is the new man in, he attempts to heave the first ball he's faced, a tossed up ball and he mishits the googly and straight into the hands of long off and he is out for a first ball duck.

Chakravarthy continues and Stubbs starts the over with a single.

Pant was struggling with his knee through his innings and he attempts to slog sweep the fuller ball only to miscue and is caught by Shreyas. He is out for 55 off 25. He's hit 4 fours and 5 sixes. 

Medium pacer Venky Iyer in the attack now, he strays and Pant crouches and plays it over fine leg for a four!

Pant then slaps the ball over extra cover for a six!

He follows it up with another six as he crouches down, uses the pace of the ball and flicks it over deep square leg for a six!

Full ball and Pant slaps it past backward point for a four!

Venky comes around the wicket and Pant pulls it again towards deep square leg for a four to bring up his 50 off just 23 balls. 

He ends the over with a four through backward point as 28 runs come off the over.

Chakravarthy continues and after 5 singles including a wide, Stubbs pummels the ball down the ground for a four as 9 come off it.
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