Sat, 20 April 2024
IPL Updates: SRH thrash DC by 67 runs

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23:19   SRH thrash DC by 67 runs
DC 199 all out (19.1 Ovs) vs SRH 266-7 | Scorecard

Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) clinched an emphatic win, propelling them to the second spot in the standings during the IPL 2024 season. Their batting prowess has been nothing short of remarkable, earning them a deserving place in the top half of the points table at the midway point.

Travis Head, Abhishek Sharma, and Shahbaz Ahmed dismantled the oppositions bowling attack during the first innings, leading SRH to their third highest total of the season. 

Despite early wickets, DC fought back with entertaining knocks from Jake Fraser-McGurk and Abhishek Porel. However, once they departed, DC struggled to maintain momentum. 

T Natarajans mastery of slower deliveries and yorkers proved crucial in securing SRHs victory tonight.

23:13   SRH thrash DC by 67 runs
DC 199 all out (19.1Ovs) vs SRH 266-7 | Scorecard

Pat Cummins returns to the attack for SRH, and Axar Patel plays the ball towards long on for a single, rotating the strike. Rishabh Pant swings and misses at the next delivery, but DC manages to add two more singles to the total. Pant then manages to connect with a powerful shot, sending the ball to the boundary for a much-needed boost to DC's scoring. He follows it up with another boundary to end the over on a high note.

DC collects 11 runs from the over, taking them to 199-6 after 18 overs. With 68 runs required from just 12 balls, the task ahead remains daunting, but DC continues to fight till the end.

Natarajan is here, starts with yorker and strikes! Cummins takes a simple catch at cover to dismisses Axar for 6 off 8 balls.

Nortje walks in as the new batter, but his stint at the crease is short-lived as he defends the first delivery but is bowled off the very next ball. Nortje departs without scoring, adding to DC's woes in the crucial stage of the match.

Kuldeep Yadav takes his place at the crease, but he misses the flick and is given out LBW. Kuldeep opts for a review, but the replay confirms that the ball would have crashed into the leg stump, resulting in his dismissal. This also marks T Natarajan's best figures in T20 cricket.

Mukesh Kumar arrives as the new batter and defends the last two deliveries. It's a wicket maiden for T Natarajan, adding to the pressure on DC. With the loss of another wicket, DC finds themselves at 199-9, needing 68 runs from just 6 balls, a seemingly insurmountable task.

Nitsh Reddy to bowl last over. Pant caught by Nattu. SRH win by 67 runs
23:00   DC need a miracle to win
DC 188-6 (17 Ovs) vs SRH 266-7 | Scorecard

Bhuvneshwar Kumar takes the ball for SRH, but he misses his attempted yorker, allowing Axar Patel to pick up a single. Rishabh Pant then unleashes a powerful shot, slamming a boundary to boost DC's scoring. However, he mistimes the next delivery, and the ball hangs in the air, resulting in just a single. Heinrich Klaasen misses the next delivery, leading to confusion between Pant and Axar, but eventually, they manage to complete a single safely. Pant adds another single to his tally.

The over brings 9 runs for DC, taking them to 188-6 after 17 overs. With 79 runs required from just 18 balls, the task ahead remains challenging, but DC continues to fight.
22:56   DC need a miracle to win
DC 179-6 (16 Ovs) vs SRH 266-7 | Scorecard

Axar Patel takes on the challenge as he walks in to bat, knowing he has a mountain to climb. Nitish Kumar Reddy resumes his spell, and Rishabh Pant and Axar Patel manage to sneak a single each. A delivery down the leg side is called a wide. Pant flicks one off his toes to deep midwicket for a couple of runs. Finally, the much-needed big hit arrives as Pant smashes a six, providing a glimmer of hope for DC. He follows it up with a single, rotating the strike effectively. Axar Patel also gets off the mark with a single.

The over yields 13 runs, with DC reaching 179-6 after 16 overs. They now require 88 runs from just 24 balls, and the challenge ahead remains daunting.
22:51   DC need a miracle after losing grip on chase
DC 166-6 (15 Ovs) vs SRH 266-7 | Scorecard

Pat Cummins returns to the attack, and Lalit Yadav manages to cut the ball for a single. Rishabh Pant, who has been struggling tonight, falls for the first delivery and then leaves the next. Another dot ball follows, which is very unlike Pant's usual aggressive style. 

Only 2 runs come off the over, with DC reaching 159-5 after 14 overs. They now require 108 runs from 36 balls to secure the victory.

T Natarajan takes the ball from the other end, and Rishabh Pant plays the ball back to the bowler. Pant and Lalit manage to get a couple of runs after some diligent fielding efforts by Reddy. Pant then plays towards cover for a single. However, a fortunate edge results in a boundary for DC, providing a welcome boost, although they still require sixes to keep up with the required run rate. But Natarajan makes a strong comeback, delivering a dot ball. And then he strikes again! 

Lalit Yadav is bowled for 7 off 8 balls, adding to DC's woes. 

The over yields 7 runs, with DC at 166-6 after 15 overs, needing 101 runs from 30 balls.
22:38   Reddy strikes; DC lose 5th wkt
DC 157-5 (13 Ovs) vs SRH 266-7 | Scorecard

Pat Cummins returns to the attack, and Rishabh Pant plays the ball back to the bowler, unable to score. Another dot ball follows, indicating a slight dry spell in runs for DC, with just 2 runs coming off the over. Cummins delivers a yorker length ball, and Pant attempts to guide it to deep third man but ends up hitting it straight to Rahul Markande at point. Markande shows interest in a catch, but there's uncertainty whether it's a bump-ball catch or a fair catch. The umpires decide to review the catch, not at the fielding side's request, and the replay confirms it's a bump-ball catch. 

After 10 overs, DC's score stands at 138-4, with 129 runs needed from 60 balls.

T Natarajan takes the ball for SRH, and Stubb manages to get a single off the first delivery. However, Natarajan collects the next ball, denying any runs for Pant. Pant then plays towards third man for a single. Just 5 runs come off the over, with DC reaching 143-4 after 11 overs.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is back into the attack, and Stubb misses a delivery but manages to get a single. Pant then powers a shot but only collects a single. However, Rishabh Pant breaks the boundary drought for DC, hitting the first boundary of the night. There's a chance for a run-out, but Pant makes it safely. Pant follows it up with another boundary, showcasing his prowess with the pull shot. The over concludes with a single, with 10 runs coming off it. 

After 12 overs, DC reaches 153-4, keeping the required run rate under 12. They need 114 runs from 48 balls, and the Capitals are still very much in the game.

Nitish Kumar Reddy is introduced into the attack, and Rishabh Pant cuts the ball to deep for a single. Stubb attempts a forceful pull shot but mistimes it, and Shahbaz Ahmed takes an excellent catch at short midwicket. Stubb departs for 10 off 11 balls, adding to the pressure on DC.

Lalit Yadav walks in as the new batter and gets off the mark with a single. The batsmen manage to add two more singles from the over, taking DC to 157-5 after 13 overs. They now require 110 runs from 42 balls to secure the victory.
22:32   Markande dismisses Porel; DC 4 down
DC 136-4 (9 Ovs) vs SRH 266-7 | Scorecard

With Stubb at the crease, Shahbaz Ahmed is introduced into the attack. Abhishek Porel welcomes him with a display of aggressive batting, smashing back-to-back boundaries. He follows it up with a massive six, further boosting DC's run rate. A full toss on the leg stump allows Porel to add just one run to the total. 

Stubb then plays a controlled shot down the ground, but T Natarajan chases and saves a boundary, showcasing some agile fielding. However, Porel manages to find the boundary to end the over on a high note. 

A whopping 22 runs come off the over, taking DC to 131-3 after 8 overs.

Markande returns to the attack, and Stubb tries to find some room towards the off side but fails to get any runs. The batsmen exchange three singles, but Markande strikes again! He outwits Abhishek Porel, who was consistently leaving his crease for every delivery, by getting him stumped. Markande and Klaasen were quick to notice this tendency, resulting in Porel's dismissal for a well-made 42 off 22 balls.

Rishabh Pant strides to the crease as the new batter and gets off the mark with a single. However, Markande manages to contain the DC batsmen, conceding just 4 runs and taking a crucial wicket in the process. 

After 9 overs, DC stands at 136-4, with 131 runs needed from 66 balls to secure the victory.

22:07   Jake departs after scoring 15-ball 50
DC 109-3 (7 Ovs) vs SRH 266-7 | Scorecard

Markande is brought into the attack, and Jake Fraser-McGurk starts the over by driving the ball to deep extra cover for a single. Abhishek Porel also manages to pick up a single. Then, Jake smashes a massive six, bringing up his fifty in just 15 balls, a remarkable achievement! Not content with just one milestone, he celebrates his fifty with yet another six! However, he misses a cut shot, resulting in a wide being called. Undeterred, he follows it up with another six, showcasing his incredible batting prowess.

Unfortunately, his innings comes to an end as he skies one, and Heinrich Klaasen takes a stunning catch. Jake departs for a sensational 65 off just 18 balls, leaving a significant impact on the match.
22:02   Porel, Jake power DC to strong position
DC 88-2 (6 Ovs) vs SRH 266-7 | Scorecard

Captain Pat Cummins takes the ball for DC, and Jake Fraser-McGurk manages to get a single off the first delivery. Abhishek Porel then unleashes a flurry of boundaries, smashing back-to-back fours to keep the momentum going. Cummins attempts a slower ball yorker, but Porel adjusts well and picks up a single towards extra cover. Jake concludes the over in spectacular fashion with a boundary and a massive six, showcasing his aggressive batting prowess. He moves to 46 off just 13 balls, as 20 runs come off Cummins' over.

After 5 overs, DC reach 81-2, maintaining a strong run rate in the chase.

T Natarajan is introduced into the attack for SRH, and he starts with two rare dot balls, applying some pressure on the DC batsmen. Porel tries to attack a slower ball bouncer but misses, and then manages to find the boundary off the next delivery. However, Natarajan strikes back with two more dot balls. Porel ends the over with a couple, adding 7 runs to the DC total.

After the powerplay, DC stands at 88-2, needing 179 runs from 84 balls. It's time for the strategic timeout, allowing both teams to reassess their strategies for the remainder of the innings.

21:56   Porel, Jake rally DC
DC 61-2 (4 Ovs) vs SRH 266-7 | Scorecard

Washington Sundar continues his spell, but Jake Fraser-McGurk wastes no time in asserting his dominance, greeting the spinner with back-to-back boundaries. He then follows it up with a massive six, showcasing his power-hitting abilities. Jake maintains his composure and adds another boundary to his tally before concluding the over with consecutive sixes. 

A whopping 30 runs come off the over, propelling DC to 55-2 after 3 overs.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar persists from the other end, and Abhishek Porel begins by defending the first delivery. He then guides the next ball towards long off for two quick singles, rotating the strike effectively. Porel finds the gap and manages to guide the ball to the boundary for four runs. However, Bhuvneshwar strikes back with back-to-back dot balls, a rare phenomenon in this high-scoring match. The over concludes with another dot ball, restricting DC to just 6 runs from it. 

After 4 overs, DC stands at 61-2, still within striking distance of the target.

21:43   DC lose both openers; in trouble
DC 25-2 (2 Ovs) vs SRH 266-7 | Scorecard

Bhuvneshwar Kumar takes the ball from the other end, but he starts with a disappointing hat-trick of wides, conceding extras to the DC total. He then delivers a fuller ball, allowing David Warner to get off the mark with a single. Jake Fraser-McGurk swings and misses initially but quickly recovers to slam a boundary. He follows it up with a single, rotating the strike. 

However, Warner falls victim to Bhuvneshwar's bowling prowess, as Pat Cummins takes a stunning low catch to dismiss him for just 1 run off 3 balls. 

With Warner's departure, DC finds themselves at 25-2, facing an early setback in their chase.
21:38   Sundar strikes in 1st over; DC lose Shaw
DC 16-1 (1 Ovs) vs SRH 266-7 | Scorecard

The chase begins with Prithvi Shaw and David Warner at the crease, with Shaw taking strike. Washington Sundar takes the ball for the first over. Shaw wastes no time and launches a stunning assault, smashing four boundaries in a row. 

However, Washington Sundar strikes back, inducing Shaw to edge one to Abdul Samad, resulting in his departure for a quickfire 16 off just 5 balls. SRH strikes early, putting pressure on the DC batters.

Jake Fraser-McGurk walks in as the new batter and opts to defend the last ball of the over. After the first over, DC stands at 16-1.

21:22   SRH post mammoth total

SRH 266-7 (20 Ovs) vs DC | Scorecard

Travis Head launched a formidable assault during the powerplay, displaying immense power-hitting prowess, while Abhishek Sharma mirrored his aggression, forming a devastating partnership that amassed an astonishing 125 runs in the initial overs. 

However, Kuldeep Yadav intervened with a flurry of wickets, momentarily disrupting their dominant flow. 

Axar Patel managed to stem the onslaught from Heinrich Klaasen, adding some stability to the Capitals' bowling attack. Despite the setbacks, Sunrisers Hyderabad persisted, with Nitish Kumar Reddy and Shahbaz Nadeem contributing significantly to their innings. 

Ultimately, it was Abdul Samad who provided the finishing touch, propelling them to yet another colossal total.

21:18   SRH set 267 run target for DC
SRH 266-7 (20 Ovs) vs DC | Scorecard

Mukesh Kumar returns for his third over, and Shahbaz Nadeem nudges the ball towards square leg for a single. Abdul Samad, the new batter, makes an instant impact by crunching his first ball through extra cover for a boundary. He follows it up by clearing the midwicket fielder for a couple. Mukesh Kumar finishes the over with a well-executed yorker, resulting in a dot ball. The over yields 9 runs, bringing SRH to 230-5 after 18 overs.

Khaleel Ahmed takes the ball for the penultimate over, and Shahbaz Nadeem pulls it out to long-on for a single. Samad attempts a swipe across the line but fails to make contact. However, he redeems himself with a stunning six into the crowd, showcasing his power-hitting abilities. A slight misfield by Pant allows Samad to pick up a single, resulting in a leg bye being called. With this, SRH achieves their highest score at the Arun Jaitley Stadium with 28 runs. Shahbaz Nadeem adds to the fireworks by slamming another massive six, taking his personal score to 38 off 24 balls. 

The over concludes with another six from Shahbaz, propelling SRH to a formidable total of 250-5.

In the final over bowled by Mukesh Kumar, Abdul Samad attempts to go for a big shot but ends up hitting it straight to Anrich Nortje at cover, who takes a good low catch. Samad departs for 13 off 8 balls. Captain Pat Cummins comes to the crease and gets off the mark with a single. Shahbaz Nadeem continues his aggressive batting display by slamming a boundary, moving to 48 off 26 balls. Shahbaz looks for a quick two, but Cummins slips and can't make it back in time, resulting in a run-out by Mukesh Kumar. Cummins departs for 1 off 1 ball.

With Shahbaz Nadeem on 49 off 27 balls, he faces the last two deliveries of the innings. Washington Sundar, the Impact Player, comes out to bat, replacing the injured Travis Head. Shahbaz Nadeem seals an impressive innings by smashing a boundary, bringing up his fifty, his first in IPL 2024. He caps off the innings in style with a six.

The final over yields 15 runs, taking SRH to a formidable total of 266-7 at the end of 20 overs. 

SRH has displayed their batting prowess not only in Hyderabad and Bengaluru but also in Delhi, showcasing their dominance across different venues.

21:04   Kuldeep removes Reddy; SRH 5 down
SRH 221-5 (17 Ovs) vs DC | Scorecard

Anrich Nortje continues his spell, and Shahbaz Nadeem sends the ball down the ground, but Khaleel Ahmed's agile fielding prevents a boundary with a remarkable effort from deep third. Nitish Kumar Reddy swings and misses, and unfortunately, he goes down in pain. After receiving treatment, he bravely returns to his feet. However, he mistimes his shot, and Axar Patel takes a comfortable catch while backpedaling from midwicket.

Shahbaz Nadeem attempts a hook shot but misses, prompting him to review for a wide delivery, but the on-field decision stands as a fair delivery. Shahbaz manages to push the ball to deep for a couple, adding to the SRH total. 

However, Kuldeep Yadav has the last laugh as David Warner takes a comfortable catch, dismissing Reddy for a well-played 37 off 27 balls. 

The over yields 11 runs and a crucial wicket for DC, bringing SRH to 221-5 after 17 overs.
20:45   200 comes up for SRH in 15 overs
SRH 205-4 (15 Ovs) vs DC | Scorecard

After the strategic timeout, Mukesh Kumar takes the ball. Nitish Kumar Reddy and Shahbaz Nadeem exchange singles, keeping the scoreboard ticking. Reddy then unleashes a massive six, followed by two more singles added to SRH's total. 

The over yields 10 runs, taking SRH to 194-4 after 14 overs.

Axar Patel comes on to bowl his final over. Reddy and Shahbaz start with a single each, but Reddy is wisely sent back when attempting a second run, thanks to some sharp fielding by Abhishek Porel. The DC fielders, whose shoulders had dropped during the powerplay, now show renewed enthusiasm after the fall of wickets.

Shahbaz Nadeem adds to SRH's total with another massive six, bringing up the 200 runs milestone for the team. 

After 15 overs, SRH reach 205-4, continuing their aggressive batting display despite the tightening of the DC fielding unit.
20:37   SRH 175 in 13 overs despite losing wkts
SRH 184-4 (13 Ovs) vs DC | Scorecard

Anrich Nortje makes his return to the bowling crease, and Nitish Kumar Reddy flicks the first delivery towards midwicket for no run. He fails to connect with the next delivery, and a wide is called for a ball going down the leg side. Nortje manages to tighten the screws this time, conceding just 4 runs in the over, providing some respite after an expensive first over where he leaked 22 runs. After 11 overs, SRH are at 162-4.

Khaleel Ahmed is reintroduced into the attack, and Reddy greets him with a boundary. He follows it up with a single, rotating the strike effectively. Shahbaz Nadeem joins the party, smashing a huge six, adding to SRH's total. Two more singles are added to the scorecard, resulting in 13 runs coming off the over. After 12 overs, SRH reach 175-4.

Axar Patel returns to bowl, and Reddy and Shahbaz continue to deal in singles. However, Reddy manages to find the gap and slams another boundary, adding 9 runs to SRH's total in the over. After 13 overs, SRH are at 184-4, continuing to build on their impressive batting performance.
20:22   Axar claims Klaasen's wicket
SRH 158-4 (10 Ovs) vs DC | Scorecard

As Nitish Kumar Reddy takes his position at the crease, Axar Patel continues his spell.

Unfortunately for SRH, Heinrich Klaasen's innings comes to an abrupt end as he is bowled out for 15 off 8 balls. 

Despite the onslaught from the SRH batsmen, Kuldeep Yadav and Axar Patel stand tall, maintaining their composure and posing a challenge to the opposition. The Capitals' bowlers are showing resilience amidst the aggressive batting display from SRH, making crucial breakthroughs to keep their team in the game.

Shahbaz is the new batter, he defends and sends the next towards deep midwicket for a couple. 4 runs and a wicket came off it, after 10 overs SRH are 158-4.
20:16   Kuldeep strikes again, dismisses Head

SRH 154-3 (9 Ovs) vs DC | Scorecard

Axar Patel is introduced into the attack, and Travis Head and Heinrich Klaasen opt for singles, consolidating the innings. Only 5 runs come from the over as SRH reach 138-2 after 8 overs.

Kuldeep Yadav continues his spell, but he struggles to control the ball, allowing Head to pick up a single. Klaasen responds with a massive six, showcasing his power-hitting abilities. However, he misses an attempted cut shot off a length ball, prompting the Capitals to review for a caught-behind dismissal. Despite the review, Ultraedge shows no spikes, and Klaasen survives the scare, retaliating with another huge six.

There's a brief pause in play as the ball takes its time returning from the stands. Kuldeep delivers a tossed-up delivery outside off, but it's too wide, conceding a single to Klaasen. Head, on the other hand, goes after a wide leg-break outside off, but Kuldeep bowls another wide. 

However, Kuldeep manages to strike again as Head mistimes a shot and is caught by Stubbs, departing after a stunning knock of 89 off just 32 balls.
20:10   Kuldeep strikes twice
SRH 133-2 (7 Ovs) vs DC | Scorecard

Kuldeep Yadav returns to the attack, but Abhishek Sharma shows no signs of slowing down as he dispatches the spinner for yet another powerful six.

However, just when it seems like the carnage will continue, Axar Patel pulls off a stunning catch, taking a blinder to dismiss Abhishek Sharma for a blistering 46 off just 12 balls. 

It's an unfortunate end for Abhishek, who falls just short of what could have been another record fifty. His aggressive innings has undoubtedly put SRH in a commanding position, but the Capitals manage to strike back with Axar's exceptional catch, providing a much-needed breakthrough.

Aiden Markram strides to the crease, getting off the mark with a single to rotate the strike.

Travis Head follows suit, sweeping the ball along the ground to long-on for another single, keeping the scoreboard ticking. 

However, Markram's stay at the crease is short-lived as he attempts a forceful shot but only manages to offer a straightforward catch to Axar Patel at cover. It's a disappointing start for Markram, who departs for just 1 run off 3 balls, falling victim to Kuldeep Yadav's bowling prowess.

Yadav's double breakthrough in the over has given the Capitals a much-needed boost, putting a dent in SRH's formidable batting lineup.

20:00   Head powers SRH to record-breaking start!
SRH 125-0 (6 Ovs) vs DC | Scorecard

Mukesh Kumar takes the ball, but Travis Head seems unstoppable as he unleashes a barrage of boundaries, slamming a hat-trick of fours with precision and power. It's a familiar story for every bowler facing Head, as he treats them all with the same aggressive approach, consistently finding the gaps and punishing anything loose. Despite a rare dot ball, Head remains undeterred, effortlessly lofting a full delivery on leg stump over the boundary for yet another six.

The onslaught continues unabated, with SRH reaching a monumental 125 for 0, setting a new record for the highest powerplay score in all T20 matches. 

The Capitals desperately need this strategic timeout to regroup and devise a plan to halt the SRH juggernaut. It's been a breathtaking display of batting prowess from SRH, leaving the Capitals searching for answers in the face of such relentless aggression.
19:54   SRH run riot! 100 in 5 overs!
SRH 103-0 (5 Ovs) vs DC | Scorecard

Rishabh Pant turns to Kuldeep Yadav in a bid to stem the flow of runs, but Abhishek Sharma continues his onslaught, greeting the spinner with two consecutive sixes that are hit with immense power, each one seemingly bigger than the last as they land deep into the crowd. 

With a composed stroke, Abhishek guides the next delivery to long-on for a single, showcasing his versatility as a batsman. Kuldeep manages to create a rare dot ball as Travis Head reaches for the delivery outside off and mistimes it into the ground. However, Head quickly makes amends by picking up an easy single on the next ball. 

The over concludes with Abhishek Sharma launching another massive six, further compounding the misery for DC. 

Sunrisers Hyderabad crosses the 100-run mark in just five overs, highlighting their dominant batting display. 

The partnership between Head and Abhishek continues to flourish, leaving the DC bowlers searching for answers.
19:50   Head slams 16-ball half century!
SRH 83-0 (4 Ovs) vs DC | Scorecard

Anrich Nortje, making his return to the team, finds himself in the firing line against Travis Head. 

Head wastes no time in welcoming him back with two consecutive boundaries, continuing his onslaught on the Delhi bowlers. Despite Nortje's attempt to intimidate with a bouncer, Head remains unfazed and adds four more runs to his tally. SRH's scoring spree shows no signs of slowing down as Head finds the boundary once again, bringing up the team's fifty in just 16 balls, solely through boundaries. The onslaught continues as Head effortlessly dispatches another four and a six, further asserting his dominance. 

Incredibly, Travis Head reaches his half-century in just 16 balls, setting a blistering pace for SRH. The over yields a staggering 22 runs, leaving SRH at an imposing 62-0 after just 3 overs. 

It's a sensational display of power-hitting from Head, and the Delhi bowlers are struggling to contain him.

Lalit Yadav persists with his bowling as Abhishek Sharma takes center stage, launching a massive six to keep the scoreboard ticking for SRH.

Despite a swing-and-miss, Abhishek manages to earn a leg bye off his pads. Travis Head, not to be outdone, drives the ball back down the ground for a single, rotating the strike efficiently. Abhishek continues to showcase his aggressive intent by dancing down the track and effortlessly clearing the long-on boundary for another maximum. The boundary onslaught shows no signs of abating as Abhishek follows up with a well-timed single. SRH's dominance is further asserted as Head unleashes a powerful shot, sending the ball soaring into the crowd for another six. 

The over concludes with a hefty 21 runs added to SRH's tally, propelling them to a commanding 83-0 after just 4 overs. 

It's a six-hitting spectacle, leaving the DC bowlers struggling to contain the onslaught.
19:40   The Travis Head show continues
SRH 40-0 (2 Ovs) vs DC | Scorecard

Travis Head and Abhishek Sharma are the batsmen at the crease, with Head facing Khaleel Ahmed's delivery. 

Khaleel kicks off with a back of length delivery outside off, which seams away after pitching. Head attempts a shot but misses. However, he doesn't let the next opportunity slip, smashing it through point for a resounding six! The momentum continues as Head follows up with another boundary, taking full advantage of Khaleel's attempted yorker on the leg side. Abhishek Sharma adds to the onslaught, concluding the over with yet another boundary. A total of 19 runs amassed in that over, signaling a challenging time ahead for the DC pacers. 

It seems like a batting paradise with no respite in sight for the bowlers. DC's pacers are now under pressure to break this partnership and regain control of the game.

Lalit Yadav takes the ball from the other end and immediately faces the wrath of Travis Head's powerful hitting. 

Head smashes two consecutive sixes, displaying his aggressive intent. The next delivery is sent straight back to the bowler for no run, highlighting some lackluster fielding that results in four more runs for SRH. Head then calmly guides the ball down the ground for a single, rotating the strike effectively. 

Abhishek Sharma adds insult to injury by finishing the over with yet another boundary, further boosting SRH's run rate. 

A whopping 21 runs come off the over, propelling SRH to a commanding 40-0 after just 2 overs. 

It's a blistering start from SRH, putting immense pressure on the DC bowlers early in the innings.
19:32   Here are the Playing XIs

Delhi Capitals: David Warner, Jake Fraser-McGurk, Abishek Porel, Rishabh Pant(w/c), Tristan Stubbs, Axar Patel, Lalit Yadav, Kuldeep Yadav, Anrich Nortje, Khaleel Ahmed, Mukesh Kumar

Impact Subs: Prithvi Shaw, Shai Hope, Praveen Dubey, Rasikh Dar Salam, Sumit Kumar

Sunrisers Hyderabad: Abhishek Sharma, Travis Head, Aiden Markram, Heinrich Klaasen(w), Abdul Samad, Nitish Reddy, Shahbaz Ahmed, Pat Cummins(c), Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mayank Markande, T Natarajan

Impact Subs: Umran Malik, Anmolpreet Singh, Akash Maharaj Singh, Glenn Phillips, Washington Sundar
19:06   DC win toss; opt to bowl vs SRH
Delhi Capitals captain Rishabh Pant has won the toss and elected to bowl first. The decision is based on their strong batting lineup, aiming to chase down any target set by Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Dew in the second innings could play a role, making the chase favorable. Pant emphasises staying competitive and giving their best, regardless of the ground conditions. 

Two changes for Delhi: Lalit replaces Sumit, and Nortje comes in for the injured Ishant Sharma. 

Pat Cummins expresses satisfaction with Sunrisers Hyderabads bowling performance. The team sticks to the same batting lineup for todays match.

Let the battle begin!
18:58   Pitch report

The Feroz Shah Kotla pitch promises fireworks as Delhi Capitals take on Sunrisers Hyderabad. 

With a boundary as short as 59m and a straight boundary at 74m, expect a run-fest. 

The grassy, hard surface will favor both batsmen and bowlers, offering plenty of runs and carry. Dew could play a role, so winning the toss and opting to bowl might be wise. 

Sunrisers, fresh off record-breaking performances, aim to consolidate their top-half position. 

Travis Heads century and Klaasen-Samad blitzes have set the tone. Buckle up for an exhilarating clash!

18:15   Can DC tame the SRH run machines?
Hello and welcome to the coverage of the IPL match between Delhi Capitals and Sunrisers Hyderabad in New Delhi.

Rishabh Pant, the captain of Delhi Capitals for the upcoming edition of the IPL, has made a remarkable comeback after a 14-month hiatus due to a horrific car accident in December 2022. His grit and fearlessness have always defined his brand of cricket, and now he leads the team with renewed passion and enthusiasm.

Delhi Capitals, currently placed fourth in the IPL points table, face a formidable challenge against Sunrisers Hyderabad. 

The Sunrisers have set high standards with their massive totals of 277/3 and 287/3, which will require strategic thinking and skillful execution from Pant and his team. 

Key players to watch out for include Travis Head (235 runs) and Abhishek Sharma (211 runs), both with impressive strike rates. Additionally, Heinrich Klaasens explosive hitting adds to SRHs batting strength.

 Their aggressive batting during the powerplay will test the pace trio of Ishant Sharma, Khaleel Ahmed, and Mukesh Kumar. 

On the bowling front, Kuldeep Yadavs left-arm wrist spin could be a game-changer. Pant also has the option of Tristan Stubbs alongside Axar Patel for spin variations. 

Winning the toss and opting to bat might be Pants preferred strategy, but David Warners knuckle injury remains a concern for the Capitals. Jake Fraser-McGurks performances have been promising, adding depth to the team.