Chahar strikes; De Kock out for a duck
April 23, 2024  21:53

LSG 21-1 (3 ovs) vs CSK 210-4 | Scorecard

Pace bowler Tushar Deshpande from the other end. Stoinis guides the first ball to thirdman for one and Rahul clips the next through square leg for two runs.

Rahul looks to release the pressure. He comes down the track and lofts Deshpande over the covers for a six. 

He takes a single from the last ball to make it 10 runs from the second over.

Chahar continues as Rahul is beaten first ball trying to hit the pacer over the off-side. He clips the next ball for a single on the leg side before Stoinis drives an overpitched delivery through the covers for a four.

Chahar bowls short and also gives some width as Stoinis cuts it over point for a boundary and keeps strike with one from the last ball.
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