CSK captain Gaikwad slams 56-ball century
April 23, 2024  21:05

CSK 174-3 (17.4 ovs) vs LSG | Scorecard

Mohsin is back into the attack as LSG aim for a breakthrough to check CSK's charge.

Dube has smashed 37 from 15 balls, with four sixes, to help CSK seize the momentum going into the death overs.

Mohsin starts with a slower ball but Gaikwad picks it early before despatching it over midwicket for a six to take his score into the 90s.

He then attempts to sweep the pacer but misses before he is beaten by the slower ball which grips and turns away to go past the outside edge.

Gaikwad slaps the next ball for one and Dube slaps the slower ball through the off-side for another run.

Gaikwad again shuffles across and attempts the sweep but misses as Mohsin does well after being hit for a six off the first ball, to concede just two runs from the next five balls.

Thakur to bowl the 18th over. He starts with a full delivery outside the off-stump to Dube, which is ruled a wide, as LSG review but lose it.

The next ball is similar but this time inside the tramline as Dube is beaten.

The left-hander then throws his bat at a low full toss bowled wide as he gets the thick outside edge for a single to short thirdman.

Gaikwad on the attack this time as he lofts Thakur's full delivery over long-on for a six to take his score to 99.

He slices the fourth ball over the covers for a boundary to bring up a magnificent century from 56 balls -- his second IPL century.
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