Rahane out for 1; CSK lose early wicket
April 23, 2024  19:46

CSK 25-1 (3 ovs) vs LSG | Scorecard

Left-arm pacer Mohsin Khan from the other end. Gaikwad guides the first ball to thirdman for a single before Daryl Mitchell hits the next towards point where the fielder lets it go through to concede a boundary.

Mitchell goes after the next ball and gets the edge but Yash Thakur at short thirdman fails to take the catch to give away a single.

Gaikwad makes it worse for Mohsin as he slaps the next two balls for successive boundaries and guides the last ball thirdman wide of thirdman for two runs, to get 16 from the over.

Henry continues as he bowls to compatriot Mitchell. He has a big swing first ball but gets it off the inside half before driving the second ball uppishly in the gap past mid-off for a couple of runs.

He takes one off the fourth ball and Gaikwad clips the next for two runs through square leg followed by a block.
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