Stoinis keeps LSG in the hunt
April 23, 2024  22:46

LSG 115-3 (13 ovs) vs CSK 210-4 | Scorecard

Shardul Thakur comes into the attack, to bowl the 12th over. He start with a full wide delivery as Stoinis looks to drive but gets the thick outside edge which flies past a diving Dhoni for a boundary.

Stoinis guides the second ball to thirdman for one and Nicholas Pooran taps the next into the off-side for a single to get off the mark.

Stoinis swats the fourth across the line to deep square leg for one and Pooran drives the next for another run.

Stoinis picks a single from the last ball of the over as Thakur gives away 10 runs in his first over.

Just a single over for Pathirana as Deshpande is back into the attack. Singles from the first two balls as LSG bring up their 100, in the 13th over.

Stoinis releases the pressure as he smashes the full toss over the cover boundary for a six and gets the next past point for two runs.

He slashes the next square on the off-side for a couple of runs before he swings a high full toss over square leg for a four.

LSG review the high full toss for a no-ball after the umpires were unmoved. The ball tracker shows that the ball above the waist level and it is ruled a no-ball by the TV umpire.

A free hit for Stoinis but he is beaten by the yorker which is ruled a wide and now CSK review the wide call.

But since Stoinis had shuffled across the umpire rules it a fair delivery despite the ball passing outside the tram line.

17 runs from the over takes LSG to 115/3 in 13 overs, needing 96 from seven overs for victory.
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