Gill hits fifty as India race past 100
July 10, 2024  17:30

India 118-2 (14 ovs) vs Zim | Scorecard

Left-arm spinner Masakadza continues as just two singles come from the first three balls.

Gill breaks the shackles as he uses his feet to hammer the spinner straight down the ground for a four.

But the bowler does well to end the over with two dots and give away just six runs in his second over.

Off-spinner Wessly Madhevere comes into the attack, to bowl the 13th over.

Gaikwad swings across the line but mistimes the full toss on the leg side for a single.

Gill gets the next off the middle as he slog sweeps the second ball over midwicket for a six.

Two balls later, Gaikwad comes down the track to get to the pitch and loft the spinner wide of long-on for another six.

He drives the fifth ball to the fielder at long-off who misses an easy stop to give away a boundary.

Single from the last ball as Madhevere gives away 19 runs in his first over with India going past 100, in the 13th over.

Pacer Chatara back into the attack. Gaikwad makes room to play a superb inside out shot for a boundary and pulls the next ball for one.

Gill gets a thick outside edge third ball which goes fine on the off-side for a four as the India captain brings up his fifty from 36 balls.

Chatara does well to concede just a single from the last three balls but India still manage to get 10 from the over.
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