Gill, Jaiswal on fire; India race past 50
July 10, 2024  16:59

India 55-0 (6 ovs) vs Zim | Scorecard

Pacer Ngarava is back into the attack. Jaiswal clips the first ball off his pads for a single as India race to the 50-run mark, in 4.1 overs.

Ngarava keeping it full and on the line of the stumps as Gill can't find the gap off the next two balls.

Gill does well to glance the fifth ball fine on the leg side for a four as the fielder makes a good effort but can't keep the ball inside and he digs out the yorker last ball.

Good comeback from Ngarava as he gives away just five runs in his second over.

Muzarabani to bowl the final over of Powerplay. Jaiswal offers no shot to the first ball pitched outside the off-stump and defends the next on the off-side.

Some away movement for Muzarabani as Jaiswal pushes at it without any footwork and is beaten.

Jaiswal steers the fifth ball to thirdman for one before Gill inside edges the last ball on to his pads.

Fantastic bowling from Muzarabani as he gives away just a single in his second over.

Just six runs from the last two overs as Zimbabwe pull back things slightly but India are sitting pretty on 55 for no loss in six overs.

Gill and Jaiswal have made 27 runs each to give the visitors a good start in the Powerplay.
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