Gill out for 66; India lose 3rd wicket
July 10, 2024  17:47

India 154-3 (18 ovs) vs Zim | Scorecard

Raza, who took 2/10 in three overs, is back to bowl his fourth and final over.

The first ball is a quicker ball which goes down the leg side as Gill misses the sweep but the ball beats the wicketkeeper for four byes.

The next ball is in the slot, full and on the stumps, as Gill slog sweeps it over midwicket for a six.

Gill takes a single before Gaikwad smashes the fourth ball over long-on for the second six of the over.

Gaikwad, on 33, gets a lifeline as he mistimes the cut shot but Chatara at point puts down an easy catch.

He keeps strike with a single to long-on from the last ball, as 18 come from Raza's final over.

Pacer Blessing Muzarabani is back into the attack. Gaikwad backs away but gets a thick outside edge first ball to thirdman for a single and Gill mistimes the heave on the leg side for a couple of runs.

Gill and Gaikwad take a single each as Muzarabani does well to keep it full and straight.

Gill perishes off the fifth ball as he looks to loft it down the ground but holes out to the fielder at long-on.

Gill walks back after a good innings of 66 from 49 balls, with three sixes and seven fours.

Deserved reward for Muzarabani, who has conceded just 14 runs in his three overs, while taking a wicket.
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