Jaiswal, Gill give India flying start
July 10, 2024  16:40

India 29-0 (2 ovs) vs Zim | Scorecard

Left-arm pacer Richard Ngarava from the other end. Gill offers no shot to the first ball before he flicks an overpitched delivery in the gap through midwicket for a four to get off the mark in confident fashion.

Gill mistimes the pull shot which falls safely on the leg side as the fielder at midwicket rushes but can't get to the ball.

Another short ball but this time Gill pulls it handsomely over fine leg for a six.

The last ball is full and the India skipper plays a beautiful straight drive past the non-striker for a four.

14 runs from the second over as India race to 29 for no loss in two overs.
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