Sundar's double strike rocks Zimbabwe
July 10, 2024  19:04

Zim 60-5 (10 ovs) vs India 182-4 | Scorecard

Bishnoi continues as Myers gets a single first ball and Clive Madande cuts the next past point for two runs and repeats the shot off the third ball for two more.

He takes a single off the fourth ball before Myers picks one off the fifth followed by a dot.

The spinners building some pressure as Sundar gives away just three runs in his second over.

Left-arm spinner Abhishek Sharma comes into the attack, to bowl the 10th over. Myers swings across the line as he miscues the shot for two runs on the leg side.

Myers looking to get going as he lofts Abhishek straight down the ground for a four and then takes one.

Short from Abhishek as Madande pulls it for a four.

11 runs from the over as Zimbabwe reach 60/5 in 10 overs.

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