Johnson out for 52; Canada 6 down
June 11, 2024  21:16

Canada 77-6 (15 ovs) vs Pak | Scorecard

Naseem, who has two overs in hand, is back into the attack. He starts with a short ball as Johnson looks to pull but is beaten for pace before he blocks the next.

Naseem leaves Canada in further strife with the key wicket of Johnson. The right-hander makes room but misses the length delivery and is bowled after a good innings of 52 from 44 balls, with four sixes and four fours.

Kaleem Sana gets off the mark with a single and Bin Zafar takes one off the last ball.

Imad beats left-hander Bin Zafar with the first ball of his final over followed by a wide.

Bin Zafar keeps out the next two balls before he takes a single to long-off and Sana can't get a run off the last two balls.
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