Pakistan lose early wicket vs Canada
June 11, 2024  22:16

Pak 21-1 (5 ovs) vs Canada 106-7 | Scorecard

Slightly short from Gordon as Rizwan punches it in the gap through the covers for two runs and then takes a single two balls later.

Ayub gets a lifeline as he top edges the pull shot and Dhaliwal at short fine leg leaps high and takes the ball with his left hand but is unable to hold on.

Singles off the last two balls as Gordon gives away five runs in his second over.

The pressure pays off for Canada. Ayub looks to release the pressure as he attempts to heave pacer Dillon Heyligver over midwicket but gets the inside edge and wicketkeeper Movva takes a good catch to his right.

The change of openers hasn't worked for Pakistan as Ayub walks back after scoring six from 12 balls.

Heyliger tries the bouncer to new batter Babar Azam, but it goes down the leg side and is ruled a wide.

Heyliger bowls a superb inswinger to beat Babar on the inside edge as the ball goes through the gap between bat and pad.

There is a huge appeal for catch down the leg side off Babar, who walks across but misses the glance.

The Canadians are confident but the umpire is unmoved before they take the review.

This could be a big blow for Pakistan. But the ball has missed the bat and there is nothing on the Ultra Edge as Babar heaves a huge sigh of relief.
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