Arshdeep takes out Shahbaz
May 19, 2024  19:07

SRH 198-5 (17 ovs) vs PBKS 214-5 Scorecard

Samad is the new man in and he gets a single to get off the mark as a wicket and 9 come off it.

Arshdeep continues and Klaasen starts the over with a couple.

He then hits a four through extra cover.

A wide and a single later, Shahbaz hits the ball straight to cover and is caught out for 3. 

Harshal continues and the runs flow for SRH as Klaasen gets a boundary in the over as 7 come off it.

Shahbaz is the new man in. 

Arshdeep back in the attack and after a single and a dot, the new batter gets a life as Harshal puts him down in the deep. A single to Shahbaz.

Klaasen then gets a couple and a single. Shahbaz ends the over with a single as 6 come off the over.

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