Chahar taken to the cleaners
May 19, 2024  18:38

SRH 153-3 (12 ovs) vs PBKS 214-5 Scorecard

Chahar is back in the attack and he has clobbered for a six over deep mid-wicket.

Nitish then edges one over the keeper for a four!

Klaasen ends the over with a six over deep mid-wicket as 19 runs including a wide and 2 singles come off it.

Klaasen is the new man in and he is off the mark with a single.

Klaasen and Nitish then take 4 more singles as 5 runs and a wicket come off it.

Shashank Singh in the attack now and he starts his spell with a wicket as Abhishek holes out to deep cover and he is out for 66 off just 28 balls.

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