Scoring at over 10-an-over
May 19, 2024  16:04

PBKS 61-0 (6 ovs) vs SRH | Scorecard

Bhuvi is back in the attack and after a dot and a single, Prabhsimran comes down the track and slaps the ball down the ground for a four!

A couple and a single later, Taide ends the over with a six as 14 come off it. 

Cummins back in the attack and Taide starts the over with a single.

Slower ball next and the umpire calls it wide for height. Review taken and the decision retained.

A dot later, Taide takes a single to mid-off.

Prabhsimran then pulls the short ball over mid-wicket for a four! 

Full and into the pads and Prabhsimran flicks it over deep square leg for a six!

12 runs come off the over.
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