SRH make most of Powerplay overs
May 19, 2024  18:10

SRH 84-2 (6 ovs) vs PBKS 214-5 Scorecard

Nitish Reddy is the new man in Rishi continues.

After a wide and four singles, Abhishek launches the ball into the stands over long-on for a six! 

A single to end the over as 12 come off it.

Harshal Patel in the attack now and Tripathi starts the over with a single before Abhishek sends him for a maximum over short third man and then a four! 

A single later, Tripathi goes under the full toss and hits it over long leg for a six! No ball that and Harshal then bowls a wide.

Tripathi then miscues, hits it in no man's land for a couple.

Tripathi is then done in by the slower ball as he tries to go big only to hole out to Arshdeep at mid-off and he is out for 33. 
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