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Stoinis, Mohit get the stick

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May 16, 2018 21:18

MI 104-4 (12 ovs) vs KXIP | Scorecard

Stoinis continues and Pollard starts the over with a single to mid-wicket.

Krunal then picks the ball and plays it over fine leg for a six.

Consecutive sixes as Krunal pulls the short ball over deep mid-wicket for another maximum.

Krunal then just slaps the full ball through extra cover for a boundary.

Next ball he plays the ball to long-off for a single. 

A bouncer and Pollard pulls it to deep mid-wicket for a single as 19 come off the over.

Axar continues and Pollard gets a couple.

After a dot, Pollard then pinches a single to mid-on for a single.

Krunal then gets a single to deep mid-wicket.

Axar then bowls a wide down the leg side.

After a dot, Pollard ends the over with a single to long on as 6 come off the over.

After the 10th over, lights from 2 floodlight towers have gone down and match has been held up in Mumbai.

Stoinis brought into the attack and Pollard starts with a single.

He the bowls a peach to Krunal, making him play and miss.

Krunal then takes a single to mid-on for a single.

Stoinis then bowls a slower and wide ball and Pollard times a perfect drive through covers for a boundary.

Pollard then takes a single off the last ball off the over as 7 come off the over.

New man in Pollard gets off the mark with a single, he plays the ball off his pads for a single to square leg.

Krunal then plays out 3 dots as 1 run and a wicket come in the over.

Rajpoot comes back into the attack and strikes off the 2nd ball. 

Rohit tries to play the pull off and loses control of the bat, the ball takes flight and then goes right in the throat of Yuvraj at mid-on as the MI captain goes for 6.