Perera, Tharanga on the attack but India in control
December 22, 2017  21:53

SL 142-1 (13 ovs )vs India 260-5 | Scorecard

Leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal comes into the attack, replacing his spin partner Kuldeep, who was hit for 29 runs in his two overs.

He makes a good start as Perera, who goes for the cross batted slog but is beaten by one which slants across him.

Just one single from the first three balls before Tharanga makes up for it. He pulls a short ball over midwicket for a six and then clips the next on the leg side for two runs.

Chahal bowls a wide outside the off-stump before Tharanga deposits the next ball in the stands over midwicket for the second six of the over, which goes for 16 runs.

Sri Lanka reach 102 for one in 10 overs, but they still need another 159 runs from the remaining 10 overs for victory.

Pandya again suffers off the last ball as after conceding just four singles from the first five balls Perera clobbers the last ball over square leg for a six to get 10 from the over.

Chahal continues and comes under more rough treatment in his second over. Three runs from the first three balls before Perera clubs the spinner over the leg side for a six. The next ball is crashed through the covers for a four as Perera races to his half-century from just 26 balls.

Kuldeep comes back and he also continues to be hit for boundaries. Perera reverse sweeps the second ball square on the off-side for a four and then swings the next ball over midwicket for a six.

Perera comes down and hits a full toss over the bowler's head for a four as Sri Lanka hammer 53 from the last 22 balls to keep their team interested.

Kuldeep manages to concede just two singles from the last two balls to give away 16 runs from the over for a total of 45 runs from his three overs.

Sri Lanka are 142 for one in 13 overs, needing 119 runs from seven overs for victory at an asking rate of exactly 17.
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